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Tryruti AQ51 in Metal Packaging Coating

Time:2020-05-15 15:40:14 Publisher:King Powder

Tryruti AQ51 is a hydrophilic titanium dioxide (TiO2). It is treated with hydrophilic surface modification on the basis of conventional TiO2 of high covering power, high weather resistance and rutile form.

After wet refining and sand milling in aqueous solution, TiO2 is dispersed in original particle size. Then modifier is added for hydrophilic surface modification. And after the process of dewatering, drying and grinding, Tryruti AQ51 is obtained.

(Click the picture to display the video of comparison: left is Tryruti AQ51, right is Unmodified TiO2)

The hydrophilic modified TiO2 was naturally dispersed in water and formed milky liquid, while no hydrophilic modified TiO2 was slightly wetted and then directly sank to the bottom.

Metal packaging coating test: proofed by water-based varnish formula.

(Left is Unmodified TiO2, right is Hydrophilic TiO2)

Formula: direct high speed stirring without sand milling.

According to the proofing, coating with hydrophilic modified TiO2 has fine gloss, high whiteness, high covering power, good adhesion and smooth surface. By contrast, coating with unmodified TiO2 is obviously grainy, uneven and inferior in whiteness and covering power.