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Talent Concept

Talent Values

Standard of Talents: Attitude × Ability × Effort

We emphasize that the aim of continuous increment of human resources capital should precede that of the financial capital, and human resource management support the company's vision, mission and competitive advantage in the future.

  • Attitude comes first. Positive attitudes include: justice, honesty, optimism, bravery, modesty, kindness, self-restraint, altruism, etc., which are the presentation of individual values; if the attitude is negative, nothing can be said about it.
  • Ability refers to the innate intelligence and physical strength, which is an internal part of a person, and can also be improved through the efforts in future.
  • Efforts also vary from person to person. Being a lazy man who loaf all day but doing nothing or working selflessly as a model, the results must be different.

Organizational Values

Employees are the most important resource of the company. Without the hard work of the staff, the vision will always be a dream.

  • Our values emphasize "customer-centric and craftsman spirit", measure talents by responsibility and result, help to break through the development boundary of employees. And all depends on your contribution and ability. As the saying goes, he who would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom.

  • As for innovation, we constantly explore, encourage trial and error, embrace change, to make innovation everywhere.
  • We keep recruiting talents, constantly absorb external forces, and maintain dialogue and cooperation with all parties.

Job Recruitment

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