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Wet Processing Miapeal

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Wet Processing Miapeal

Product description: With selected materials, this wet processing mica maintaining original lamellar structure has high whiteness, high purity, high pearl luster, well-distributed particle size, large radius-thickness ratio and smooth surface. It is synthesized at high-temperature after grinding, impurity removal, soaking, washing, low-temperature drying.

It has stable physical and chemical properties for high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and non-yellowing characteristic, has excellent mechanical properties such as insulation, weather resistance, friction resistance, bendability and elasticity, as well as has material addition and reinforcement performance to reduce the shrinkage of products.

It can be used in coating, plastic, rubber, electronic and electrical, sound insulation and shock absorption, fire resistance and corrosion protection, welding rod, demolding and other fields.

Characteristics of raw material parameters:

Improving the mechanical properties and friction resistance of products, soft and elastic, sound insulation and shock absorption.

☆Barrier and corrosion resistance, flame retardant, UVCUT, infrared and thermal radiation functions.

☆High dielectric and insulation strength, low-thermal expansion coefficient.

☆Pearly-luster effect.

☆Weather, heat and crack resistance, it can be used for a long time under the temperature of 350 ℃.

☆Good corona resistance, no carbonization, water absorption or bursting under strong electric arc.

Product Specification
Product Name D50 Mean Particle Size (μm) Whiteness Mineral Type
Miapeal S-10 15 ≥70% Sericite
Miapeal M-10 15 ≥75% Muscovite
Miapeal M-33 25 ≥75% Muscovite
Miapeal HC-10 10 ≥80% Ultrapure Muscovite
Miapeal HC-20 20 ≥80% Ultrapure Muscovite

Surface Modified Product
Product Name D50 Mean Particle Size (μm) Whiteness Mineral Type
Miapeal SS-10 15 ≥70% Oil Friendly Modified Sericite
Miapeal MS-10 25 ≥75% Oil Friendly Modified Muscovite

Heat Resistance


Coefficient of Elasticity


Puncture Strength


Mohs Hardness


◆Special coating, art paint

Plastic, rubber

Electronic copper clad laminate


Welding rod