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Water-Based HEISLUR H88

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Water-Based HEISLUR H88

Product description: The high content water-based slurry made from selected imported carbon black has excellent black brightness, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and UV shielding effect. As a filler, it has the function of wear resistance and reinforcement. It has good fluidity, dispersity and compatibility. This slurry is easy to use and free of dust pollution.

Characteristics of raw material parameters:

High quality imported carbon black pigment.

☆30% carbon black, water solvent, resin free.

☆Original particle size 20-30nm, uniform particle size, good suspension stability, no precipitation, no pig skin.

☆Multiple pulping processes of wetting, dispersing and grinding.

☆Low viscosity, so fluid that easy to add, good dispersity and compatibility with resin.

☆Excellent heat resistance, migration resistance, acid and alkali resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and UV shielding effect.

☆High blackness and brightness, strong coloring and covering power, good wear resistance, friction resistance and reinforcing effect.

Product Parameter
Main Constituent: Carbon Black Solvent: Water
Appearance: Black Liquid Filter Test (200 mesh): No Obvious Non-Filterable Material
Solid Content (%): ≥30 pH: 6-9
Original Particle Size(nm): 20-30 Packaging Specification: 30KG/Drum


≡ After use, it is necessary to seal package and tighten the cover, so as to avoid the crusting and pulverizing caused by moisture volatilization.

≡Before use, it should be tested in solubility and alcohol resistant solvents to determine its compatibility and dispersity in the alcohol system.

≡ Please store in a cool and drafty place of 0-30 ℃, and mix evenly before use.


Solid Content

Pure Water Content

Resin Free


No Precipitation, No Pig Skin

Mirror Effect

Bright Black

Strictly Control Hazardous Substances

Heavy Metal Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon


◆Ink, printing

Coatings, painting, color decoration

Textile Dyeing, coating

Cement, fiber, latex

Paper, daily necessities