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Calcined Kaolin - Putulin

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Calcined Kaolin - Putulin

Product description: Calcined kaolin has the characteristics of high whiteness, fine particles, porous surface and high specific surface. It has strong suspension stability. It has good dispersion and suspension stability when used in water-based and oil-based systems to prevent sedimentation and delamination. Kaolin is chemically inert and does not react with acid and alkali at normal temperature, thus improving the weather, scrub and wear resistance of products.

It is mainly used in paper making coating, high quality paint coating, ink, functional rubber and plastic products, electric cable, ceramic glaze and other industries.

Characteristics of raw material parameters:

☆Coal calcinated type, porous structure.

☆Small particle size, large specific surface area, clay property, strong absorbability, strong suspension performance.

☆High whiteness, good covering power, partial replacement of titanium dioxide to reduce cost.

☆Micro lamellar structure, wet grinding and impurity removal, lower heavy metal, safer.

☆High thermal stability, acid and alkali resistance, stable physical and chemical properties.

☆Hydrophobic modified surface, excellent compatibility and dispersity with high polymer material.

Product Parameter
Appearance: (Eye-Measurement)

White Powder







Whiteness (%):


Loss on Drying(%):


pH: 5.5-8.0
Oil Absorption(ml/100g): 60-90
Refractive index: 1.62

Product Specification
Product Name Mesh Specific Surface Area (㎡/g)

Dispersion Property

Putulin G 1 6000 8


Putulin G 8 1800 2


Surface Modified Product
Putulin GS 2 5000 7


All kinds of specifications, surface modifications and dispersion systems for products can be customized, please contact for details.






pH Value


Water Content

Partial Replacement of Titanium Dioxide

Covering Power

Heavy Metal

Strictly Control


◆Coating, printing ink


Engineering plastics, adhesives

Electric wire and cable

Ceramic glaze