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Hydrophilic Iron Oxide Pigment - Feiront

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Hydrophilic Iron Oxide Pigment - Feiront

Product description: A high-quality iron oxide pigment. Unique hydrophilic surface modification treatment enhances its wetting and dispersing performance in water (well-distributed like milk), enhances its dispersing and suspension stability in the system, as well as improves its luster, coloring power and covering power.

It can be used by simply mixing and dispersing, greatly reducing the manufacturing cost and dust pollution as well as improving product quality. Applicable to water-based systems such as ink, coating, printing and dyeing coating, paper, leather, ceramics and other industries.

Characteristics of raw material parameters:

☆Selected high quality iron oxide raw materials.

☆Anionic surface-active component, hydrophilic surface modification treatment.

☆Add directly, spread immediately when meeting water, as delicate as milk.

☆Add directly, simplify the process, reduce the production cost.

☆Bright color, high covering power, light resistance, high temperature resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, excellent solvent resistance.

☆Ultra-low water absorption, 70% of iron oxide slurry can be prepared with water alone, whose good fluidity can reduce the viscosity of the system.

☆It is recommended to pre disperse one part of iron oxide pigment with two parts of water before adding it into the formula.

Product Parameter
Appearance: (Eye-Measurement) Self-Colored Powder
Odor: No
pH Value: 3.0-7.0
Loss on Drying (%): ≤2.00
Iron Oxide Content (%): 85.00~95.00
Modifier Content (%):


Temperature Resistance: ≥100℃
Properties of Modifier: Anionic Surface Activity
Dispersity (Water): Hydrophilicity

We can customize various hydrophilic modifications for powder.


◆Water-based coating, ink


Colored asphalt, cement, floor

Textile printing

Pottery and porcelain