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Black-Tech Graphene Mask Gives Better Protection

Time:2020-05-20 17:14:26 Publisher:King Powder

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, demand for masks and protective clothing has increased dramatically. Mask making machines and sealing machines for protective suits are also in short supply.

At this critical moment, the major military enterprises have come forward one after another. They are making full use of advantages in technology R & D, manufacture and process control. While producing materials urgently needed for prevention and control work, they are also carrying out mass research and production of critical prevention materials and production equipment, such as melt blown fabric, mask making machines and sealing machines.

In their own way, they have contributed to national campaign against COVID-19. Then we saw such a "legend": either making aircraft carriers, airplanes or tanks before, those military enterprises are now engaging in mask making.

Meanwhile, AVIC has developed "1 for 2" high-end automatic mask making machine, 24 of which can produce 3 million masks per day. Of course, there are more military enterprises in action. Hunan Vanguard Group Co., Ltd., a century-old military enterprise, is using its own 3D printing technology reserve to develop and produce protective goggles. Night-Vision Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd. and other companies have independently developed a non-contact infrared thermometer, which can measure temperature for hundreds of people every minute. CNNC’s Radiation is replacing traditional ethylene oxide sterilization with irradiation sterilization technology to shorten sterilization time for disposable masks and protective suits from two weeks to one day.

Moreover, this article is going to talk about graphene mask, a black technology of military enterprises, which is from AECC BIAM. That is to say, military enterprises manufacturing aero-engine also engage in making masks.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, AECC BIAM began to develop new type graphene mask with their advantages in material technology. Based on technology of graphene materials on environmental purification, they accelerated graphene R&D in polypropylene materials, melt blown fabric materials, and relevant equipment.

From plan, development to batch production, it took only 25 days. Within 25 days, AECC BIAM quickly established major production lines for the graphene PP granules and antibacterial melt blown fabric as well as pilot line for new-type graphene mask. So far, they have achieved full application of graphene in biomedical protection and environmental purification, realized the perfect integration of material and technology, and completed the rapid transformation from technology to product.

AECC BIAM will make full use of all forces, actively carry out cooperation across the upstream and downstream industries, and accelerate the introduction of new-type graphene masks to the medical field.

Finally, it’s going to analyze black technology of graphene mask. In the major filter layer between the spunbond nonwoven fabric, PP melt blown fabric is innovatively applied to common masks, and new-type graphene masks are produced.

Compared with common masks, new-type graphene masks have following remarkable features:

1. Stronger antibacterial activity. As two-dimensional nano carbon material, graphene can form natural "Nano Knife" on the melt blown fabric, which can destroy the cell wall of bacteria and play a good role in sterilization under the action of natural respiration.

2. Superior breathability. Graphene melt blown fabric has one-way breathability, so it makes people feel more breathable and comfortable than traditional melt blown fabric when exhaling.

3. Longer using time. The effective using time of common mask is 4 hours, and then filtering function will significantly decease; while that of new-type graphene mask is more than 48 hours (12 times more than common mask) and then its filtering function will just decrease by 4%.

In a word, it is wonderful that 1 graphene mask is at least equivalent to 12 common masks.

Here we introduce Gracard, a graphene material from King Powder:

FE powder and powder composites, WENET graphene pre-dispersion slurry.

Apart from sterilization and breathability for mask, it also has functions of heat conduction, anti-static electricity and anti-corrosion…

COVID-19: Corona Virus Disease 2019

AVIC: Aviation Industry Corporation of China,Ltd.

CNNC: China National Nuclear Corporation

AECC BIAM: AECC Bejing Institute of Aeronautical Materials