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Various Surface Modifications

Various Surface Modifications

Hydrophilic or Lipophilic, Choose Your Favorite
Wetting and Dispersing, Reveal Our Strength

Surface Modification:

Hydrophilic surface modification treatment for different powders:
hydrophilic boron nitride, titanium dioxide, and inorganic pigment.

Hydrophobic surface modification treatment for different powders:
vinyl, epoxy, styrene, ammonia and other silane modified products, etc.

Wet Stripping Process

Wet Stripping Process

Flexible Force Protects Lamellas
Wet Process Endows Smoothness and Whiteness

Major Products:

Wet stripping boron nitride, graphene, mica, talc and kaolin

Main Characteristics:

Large radius-thickness ratio, more complete lamellar structure
Smooth surface, no edges and corners
Impurity removal by suspension, higher purity
Narrower particle size distribution

Senior Technical Team

Senior Technical Team

Three Exemplary Laboratories in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Ganzhou
Joint-Development Project with Chinese Academy of Sciences

Technical Team:

There are three development and application laboratories in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Ganzhou.

There are more than 30 professional and technical service personnel with bachelor degree or above.

We have established technical cooperation with institutions and universities such as Chinese Academy of Sciences
(Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering ),
Shanghai University,
Sun Yat-sen University,
South China University of Technology,
Jiangxi Normal University,
and etc.

We work on building a comprehensive service R&D platform for the application of inorganic powder materials.

Advanced Quality Control of Precision Instrument

Advanced Quality Control of Precision Instrument

Reliable Use - Physical Chemistry Test & Quality Assurance
Prospect Guidance- Stable Performance & Guaranteed Parameter

Main Testing Instruments:

Scanning Electron Microscope
Nano Particle Sizer
Laser Particle Size Analyzer
Specific Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer
Electron Microscope
SPF Tester
Universal Apparent Density Tester
Digital Viscometer
Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer
Full-Automatic Whiteness Meter
Tap Density Meter
Friction Meter
Contact Angle Meter
Conductivity Meter
Salt-Spray Fog Aging Tester
Friction Testing Machine
Pencil Hardness Tester
Film Integrity Tester
QFD Motor-Driven Adherometer

A Modern Factory

A Modern Factory

Efficiency and Effectiveness
Independence and Innovation

Independent Mines:

Several vertical combined mines such as talc, mica, kaolin and calcium carbonate are under development.

Independent Production:

The production base is 25,000 square meters.

Workshops include powder synthesis, wet stripping, surface coating modification, wet grinding, superfine crushing and classification, etc.

There are multiple production lines and advanced quality control testing instruments.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Accurate Measurement
Exclusive Customization

We provide customized services for customers:

Customized Surface Modification for Powder
Customized Particle Size and Morphology
Customized Function for Powder
Customized Slurry
Joint-Development Project