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Spherical Porous Silica

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Spherical Porous Silica

Product description: A high purity and white spherical powder. It has high spheroidization rate with uniform particle size (3 - 12μm), low dielectric constant, low coefficient of linear expansion, high filling ratio and high fluidity. It is an amorphous mesoporous product synthesized by precipitation.

Characteristics of raw material parameters:

☆Spherical white powder, high spheroidization rate, no smell.

☆Strong fluidity, high smoothness and low stress.

☆99.9% high purity silica, less content of metal impurity and magnetic ion.

☆Porous structure, high porosity, high pore volume, small specific surface area, excellent adsorption performance and obvious sustained-release effect.

☆Stable chemical properties, amorphous structure, non-radioactive amorphous element, non-toxic and tasteless, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, stable weather resistance.

☆Uniform and narrow-distributed particle size (0.5 - 20μm).

☆Low dielectric constant 3.88/k, low loss 0.0002 (1MHz), low expansion 0.5 × 10-6, heat conduction 1.1w/k. M.

☆The refractive index is about 1.5, which is close to the refractive index 1.4-1.5 of most resins. It is used in rubber and plastic, coating, adhesive, LED light diffusion lampshade and other products with high light transmittance.

☆Mohs hardness 6, impact resistance, scratch resistance, wear resistance.

☆Various surface modification options, superior dispersion performance.

☆Spherical structure, porous sphere and easy to scatter, absorb light, obvious matting effect.

Product Specification
Product Name D50 Mean Particle Size (μm)  Oil Absorption (ml/100g) Dispersion Property
Silspher P23 3 110

Silspher P25 5 Universal
Silspher P28 8 Universal
Silspher P212 12 Universal

Products with special particle size and special index can be customized.

Package: 25kg / Drum.

Surface Modified Product
Product Name D50 Mean Particle Size (μm) Specific Surface Area (㎡/g) Dispersion Property
Silspher PS23 3 130

Silspher PS25 5 Lipophilic
Silspher PS28 8 Lipophilic
Silspher PS212 12 Lipophilic
High Spheroidization Rate

99%Uniform Size Ball

Mesoporous (nm)


Transparent System

Refractive Index 1.5

High Purity


Matt, Astigmia

Special Structure


◆Electronics industry: CCL, electronic packaging, LED

◆Chromatographic column filler

◆Coating, ink, adhesive