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Silspher P28 in Chromatographic Packing

Time:2020-05-13 14:01:49 Publisher:King Powder

This time we have tested the application of Silspher P28, a spherical porous microsilica, in chromatography packing.

1. Silspher P28, including the products of the same series such as P25 and P212, has the following excellent characteristics:

Monodisperse, uniform, porous and spherical;

High purity and spheroidization rate;

Simultaneous chromatography will not result in trailing caused by different particle sizes.

2. Silspher P28 were packed for chromatography experiments.

3. The experimental results show that Silspher P28 has a good separation effect. 

The different chromatographic peaks are shown below (left).

After Silspher P28 was treated by surface agent such as amino and cyan group, it also has a good separation effect with the related functional group molecules. 

The different chromatographic peaks are shown below (right).

4. As we know, if the solvent permeability become poor due to the breakage of silica spheres and the thinning of their particle size, it may lead to blocking and causes pressure rise of column, and finally result in no separation. And the superior mechanical strength of Silspher P28 can prevent the above situations.

After high-pressure chromatography, Silspher P28 was removed from the chromatographic column and observed by microscope. It was found that in high pressure solvent, the shape of the silica spheres remained intact without any crack because of high mechanical strength. After another 20 cycles of experimental tests, the shape of our silica spheres still had no change. Therefore, the above situations will not occur.

In addition, Silspher P28 has good acid and alkali resistance and wide applicable range of pH value.

5. We offer many kinds of products of various particle and pore sizes, which can meet the needs of different molecular weights in biological products.

(Click the picture to display the video of chromatography.)