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Hexagonal Boron Nitride

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Hexagonal Boron Nitride

Product description: An insulating heat conduction, lubrication drawing, high purity and porcelain white powder. Its particle size varies from 0.5 to 20μm. It is hexagonal, processed by stripping and various surface modifications. Characteristics include high-thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, low dielectric constant, excellent lubrication and anti-sticking properties, good chemical stability at elevated temperature etc.

It is applicable to heat conduction, electronics, casting and demolding, high temperature lubrication, high temperature and corrosion resistance as well as other industries.

Characteristics of raw material parameters:

☆Unique wet stripping technology, high radius-thickness ratio.

☆High thermal conductivity, low ion content.

☆Low dielectric constant and thermal expansion.

☆Hydrophilic, lipophilic and other surface modifications.

☆Fire resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation and vulcanization resistance, high corrosion resistance, high physical and chemical stability, non-discoloring porcelain white at high temperature.

☆Low friction coefficient, good solid-state lubricity at high temperature, high compression, wear resistance.

☆Non-infiltrated and non-stick with metal and glass.

☆Low density 2.2 g/m³, low Mohs hardness 2.

Product Specification
Product Name D50 Mean Particle Size (μm) Specific Surface Area (㎡/g) Dispersion Property
Bnitril N-1 <1 14 Universal
Bnitril N-3 3 8 Universal
Bnitril N-6 6 7 Universal
Bnitril N-8 8 5 Universal
Bnitril N-12 12 2 Universal
Bnitril N-20 20 1 Universal
Surface Modified Product
Product Name D50 Mean Particle Size (μm) Specific Surface Area (㎡/g) Dispersion Property
Bnitril NAQ-3 3 8 Hydrophilic
Bnitril NAQ-6 6 7 Hydrophilic
Bnitril NS-6 6 7 Lipophilic
Bnitril NS-12 12 2 Lipophilic

High-Thermal Conductivity


High Purity



Radius-Thickness Ratio≥30

Unique Stripping Technology

Hydrophilic, Lipophilic and Other Modifications

Surface Modification

Spheroidal Boron Nitride

Higher Fill Rate


◆Heat conduction and dissipation industry

◆Electronics industry

◆Casting demolding and glass processing

◆High temperature grease

◆Refractory and high temperature anticorrosive coating, sticking-resistant coating


◆Engineering plastics