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About KingPowder

Jiangxi Kingpowder New Material Co., Ltd.is located in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, the former red capital and the cradle of Hakka. Its headquarters was built in Shanghai in 2004.

It is a 25,000 square meter production base, which has obtained ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification and EU REACH Certification. It is also a High Technology Expertise specializing in the innovative research and production of high-end inorganic non-metal functional powder materials.

Our company has multiple production lines and advanced quality control testing equipment such as powder synthesis workshop, wet stripping workshop, surface coating modification workshop, wet grinding slurry workshop, ultrafine crushing and classification workshop.

Our products mainly include: ①independent research and development products, like boron nitride, silicon micro-powders, and mica; ②surface modification treatment products, like hydrophilic titanium dioxide, hydrophilic iron oxide, and lipophilic modification; ③ultra-fine dispersion, like carbon black pre-dispersion and graphene slurry.

Our patented technologies include: monodisperse silicon micro-powders, wet processing talc, highly disperse carbon black water-based slurry. These core advantages carved out the excellent characteristics of inorganic non-metal functional powder materials. Our company researches and expands their application in fields of heat conduction, electronics, chromatography, anti-corrosion, casting, ink, coating, adhesive, engineering plastic and so on.

We have three development and application laboratories in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Ganzhou.

We have more than 30 professional and technical service personnel with bachelor degree or above.

We also established technical cooperation with institutions and universities such as Chinese Academy of Sciences (Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering ), Shanghai University, Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology, Jiangxi Normal University and etc.

Nowadays, we work on building a comprehensive service R&D platform for the application of inorganic powder materials and can provide customers with customized products and personalized technical solutions.

Development History


Shanghai company established


Realize independent production


Guangzhou office established


Company established and certified by ISO: 9001


Guangzhou company established


Guangzhou company certified as High Technology Expertise


Jiangxi factory obtained High Technology Expertise certification and REACH certification


  • High Technology Expertise Certification

  • Grade B Industrial Safety Production Enterprise

  • Work Safety Standardization Level Three Enterprise

  • Advanced Group

  • Patent for Carbon Black Pre-Dispersion

  • Patent for Wet Processing Talc

  • Patent for Silicon powder

Cooperative University

Joint Research Center for Powder Material
Joint Research Center for Powder Material