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Casting Demolding

Application of Inorganic Lamellar Lubricating Materials in Demolding

Casting demolding material is used in the metal foundry industry to isolate hot metal from  mold. Before the hot metal is cast into mold, the demolding material is sprayed on the surface of the mold. When it gets dry, a film is formed to make profile demold easier and prevent the mold from hydrothermal corrosion and chemical attack caused by the hot metal, so as to extend service life of the mold.

Serial products of Bnitril NW have good adhesion to the mold and keeps long lasting effect. In addition, boron nitride is the basic raw material of this product. With unique formula, it performs very well in high temperature protection and lubrication, effectively improving production efficiency and product quality.

Its lubrication to profile and unique non-stick feature help the hot metal flow more smoothly to form workpiece with undistorted angle. It can be applied to foundry industry to increase flowability of the hot metal and decrease  frequency use of release agents, which improve production capacity and yield.

It can be used as lubricant and mold release agent under high temperature. It can be applied to glass, mold protection and metal welding industry, effectively lubricating isolated interface to achieve smoother manufacturing process.

In fact, sintering of metal and ceramic powders usually happens on graphite plate, which may lead to pollution, reaction and adhesion of carbon to sintered components under sintering temperature. But spraying a layer of it on graphite plate can obviously eliminate such phenomena.

It is also suitable for welding and furnace brazing processes. It can protect the surface of the workpiece, soldering wire of metal and nozzle surface (of inert gas welding and metal active gas welding) from welding spatter to provide excellent welding protection.

Application Industry:

Car wheel, Aluminum alloy profile, Aluminum alloy profile, Welding, High temperature furnace 

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