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Rubber and Plastic Industry

Application of Functional Powder in Rubber and Plastic Product

The plastic industry needs inorganic powder material which can improve mechanical properties of product, including enhancing rigidity, strength, and toughness as well as reducing shrinkage, etc.

When applied in automobile parts, inorganic powder material can increase strength and improve creep resistance, etc.;

When in home appliance parts, it can improve quality and appearance;

When in pipes and plates, it can improve dimensional stability and blasting resistance;

When in thin film, it can play a role in heat preservation and insulation;

When in hollow products, it can improve rigidity and reduce shrinkage etc.

When in rubber industry, it can enhance mechanical property, reduce rubber viscosity, and improve production efficiency.

King Powder has produced a variety of inorganic such as talc, mica and kaolin.

They are containing silica with barrier characteristics of silicon infrared and ultraviolet rays, which them outstanding in heat preservation and aging resistance in plastic product.

King Powder also produces high quality inorganic powder materials (ultra-fine and lamellar structure) with special peeling process, such as boron nitride, talc, mica, kaolin, which can be uniformly laminated and dispersed in resin when used in plastic products, just like a metal structure net embedded in cement products.

They can help to maintain plastic’s own advantages;

They give a reinforced support with excellent mechanical property;

They can improve physical property of plastic product;

They have outstanding heat preservation and insulation effects;

They have a lamellar structure with good shielding effect, which can reduce gas penetration.

King Powder produces exfoliated lamellar products with fine and smooth feel.

They can be added to improve anti-blocking property of plastic, prevent film adhesion, and act as a plastic nucleator;

They have unique micro lamellar structure, which has significant reinforcement effect on plastic products (The more complete the lamellar structure is, the more obvious its reinforcing effect is);

They have larger radius-thickness ratio to improve the rigidity, impact strength, flexural modulus, and thermal stability of plastic products, such as bumpers, automotive upholstery, household equipment, wires, cables, and tire product;

They have superior insulation and fire protection effect to prevent flammable gas leakage and oxygen diffusion, which reduces smoke;

They can act as a release agent to prevent adhesion between rubbers;

They are indispensable raw materials in rubber and plastic product with excellent heat conduction effect.

Wide Range Application in: 

Automobile bumper, Home appliances, Wires and cables, Rubber gasket, Tire product 

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