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Water-Dispersed GRACARD WENET-35

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Water-Dispersed GRACARD WENET-35

Product description: The graphene produced by mechanical exfoliation has good uniformity with average thickness, excellent barrier performance with lamellar structure, superior electric and heat conduction performance, great mechanical properties, as well as good dispersity and stability to guaranteed its performance.

Characteristics of raw material parameters:

☆ High quality raw material of graphene by mechanical stripping.

☆ Good uniformity with average thickness.

☆ Few defects of its lamellar structure, superior electric /heat conduction performance.

☆ Good mechanical property, high temperature and friction resistance.

☆ Good water dispersity and high stability.

☆ Isolation effect of sheet shielding, excellent anti-corrosion effect.

Product Parameter
Appearance Dark Gray Slurry
Graphene Content (wt%) 3.5±0.5
Plane Size of Lamellae (mm) 1~15
Average Thickness of Lamellae (nm) 2.4
Electrical Conductivity (S/cm) ≥800
pH Value 5~8
Viscosity (mpa.s) 1500

★ After opening, it is necessary to seal package and tighten the cover, so as to avoid moisture volatilization.

★ It is recommended to use high-speed shearing and emulsifying equipment to assist in the addition and dispersion of slurry in the system.

★ Please store in a drafty, dry and cool place of 0-30 ℃, and mix evenly before use.

Pure Water-based Slurry

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