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Heat Conducting Material Solution

Preferred Inorganic Material for High-End Copper Clad Laminate

The advent of 5G, the introduction of high frequency and the doubling number of connected devices and antennas, have continuously increased power consumption and heat generation of equipment.

The requirements of thermally conductive fillers have increased in market. However, conventional Al2O3, MgO, ZnO and other inorganic thermally conductive materials have been difficult to meet the needs of high thermal conductivity, high insulation and high voltage resistance for 5G communication PCB ccl, high-power LED lights, silicone, silicone sheets, polyimide film, high-voltage circuits, and etc.

After years of research and innovation, King Powder has successfully developed high thermal conductivity fillers such as boron nitride, silicon micronized powder, and graphene, whose thermal conductivity is more than ten times that of traditional Al2O3 and other materials.

Some have lamellar structure with large specific surface area and strong heat dissipation effect; 

Some have spherical structure with higher filling rate; 

Some have low density suitable for lightweight and miniaturized products; 

Some are insulating materials with low dielectric constant and low ion content, which is more suitable for electronics industry.

The high thermal conductivity fillers form King Powder can resist high temperature and oxidation, preventing material from aging to prolong product life. They can resist corrosion, acid and alkali, thermally conductive and corrosion-resistant in the internal-combustion heating system. They also have low thermal expansion coefficient, which keeps stable shape without deformation when heated. They have proper hardness and superior processing performance, coupled with the special surface modifications of King Powder, which enhance the dispersibility and compatibility of inorganic thermally conductive materials in high molecular polymer and other systems (dispersing evenly and good thermal conductivity).

Application Industry:  

Copper clad board, Electronic package, 5G base station, Thermal silica gel, 

Thermal grease, Automotive and aerospace engine, Mobile phone, LED light, 

Thermally conductive epoxy resin, Heat conductive engineering plastic,

Thermally conductive tape, Gasket, etc. 

Recommended Products: 

Bnitril N (Boron Nitride powder), Bnitril NW (Boron Nitride paste), Spherical Boron Nitride 

Silspher P (Spherical silica powder) 

Gracard FE (Graphene slurry) (Note: conductive)