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Hydrophilic Modified Tryruti AQ

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Hydrophilic Modified Tryruti AQ

Product description: A high-performance rutile titanium dioxide with hydrophilic surface modification. It has high whiteness, strong covering power, high gloss, great weather-resistance, and high dispersity.

It is applicable to water-based systems: ink, coating, printing and dyeing coating, paper.

Characteristics of raw material parameters:

☆Rutile titanium dioxide.

☆Anionic surface-active component, hydrophilic surface modification treatment.

☆Add directly, spread immediately when meeting water, as delicate as milk.

Add directly, simplify process and reduce production cost.

☆High gloss, high covering power, and high weather-resistance.

☆Ultra-low water absorption, 80% of milky titanium dioxide slurry can be prepared with water alone, whose good fluidity can reduce the viscosity of the system.

☆It is suggested that one part of hydrophilic titanium dioxide should be pre-dispersed with two parts of water and then added into the formula.

Product Specification

Product Name

D50 Mean Particle Size (μm) Crystal Type Dispersion Property
Tryruti AQ51 300 Rutile Hydrophilicity


Product Specification
Product Name D50 Mean Particle Size (μm) Crystal Type Dispersion Property
Tryruti S58 420 Rutile Lipophilicity

Specifications and surface modifications of titanium dioxide can be customized.


Ultra-Low Water Absorption


Bulk Density


Refractive Index




◆Water-based coating and ink


Leather coatings

Textile printing

Pottery and porcelain