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Functional Inorganic Powder Material for Coating, Ink and Adhesive

Application of Inorganic Powder Material for Coating, Ink and Adhesive

The main raw materials of paint, coating and adhesive are synthetic resin, emulsion and other polymer materials, which are solidified to form protective coating.

And inorganic powder material, a functional auxiliary filler, acts as framework in coating. 

It increases thickness and improves mechanical properties of the coating, like rheological property, adhesion, loss control, better covering power. 

Besides, adding inorganic powder material in coating can resist humidity, avoid burning, prevent corrosion, optimize packing concentration, improve chemical stability, resist climate change, extend the service life of the film, play a part in wear resistance, heat insulation, light penetration and so on. 

In a word, it enriches color, improves function and reduces cost of coating.

Application Industry: 

Heat conducting coating, Automobile paint, Antirust paint, Art paint, Textile printing and dyeing, Adhesive 

Recommended Products:

Bnitril N (Boron Nitride powder), Bnitril NW (Boron Nitride paste), Spherical Boron Nitride 

Silspher P (Spherical silica powder)

Talict (Talc)

Miapeal (Mica)

Putulin (Kaolin)

Gracard FE (Graphene)

Heislur (Carbon Black Dispersion)

Feiront (Hydrophilic Pigment)