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Chromatography Filler

Application of Spherical Porous Silica in Chromatography Purification

Chromatography is one of the most effective separation technologies in modern times. It is widely used in biopharmaceuticals (especially in this field), separation and purification, and natural substances extraction. Due to biomolecules’ low concentration, complex structure and composition, and sensitivity to temperature and environment, it is difficult to separate and purify by traditional methods, let alone to produce high-purity and high-activity biological products. Therefore, chromatography is almost the only way for biopharmaceuticals, separation and purification, and natural substances extraction. And chromatography filler of micron-sized porous silicon microsphere, is the core of this chromatography technology.

High-performance spherical porous silicon microsphere is produced with King Powder patented technology.

It has extremely narrow particle size (accurate: 0.5 - 20μm) and pore size distribution (10-100nm);

It has regular spherical shape and large specific surface area;

It has high purity as 99.9%, high hardness, excellent mechanical strength and separating performance;

It has high melting point, high stability;

It is non-toxic, pH neutral, and chemically inert. There is no chemical change or induced reaction occurring in catalyst or multicomponent chemical system, and no pyrolysis or metamorphism occurring even in extremely high temperature or severe environment.

Through special technology, the silica microsphere has adjustable size, controllable pore volume and pore size, stable and repeatable batch, good separation efficiency, longer service life, and remains intact after repeatedly packing column. All the above features make silica microsphere have a wide range of applications in biopharmaceutical, fine purification, essence control and release, biologically active reagent, chemical catalysis, water pollution treatment and so on, which changes the situation of import dependence on chromatographic filled microsphere. High value-added silicon sphere chromatography fillers reduce the costs, and can meet various requirements for making chromatography by UPLC and HPLC.

Application Industry: 

Globulin chromatography, Biopharmaceutical, Separation and purification 

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