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Heislur HW88 in Wine and Cosmetic Bottles

Time:2020-05-27 15:36:51 Publisher:King Powder

Heislur HW88 is a mirror water-based carbon black slurry with 20nm original particle size. After dispersed by strong sand milling with nonionic surfactants, the particle size of carbon black in HW88 is very fine and the distribution is quite narrow. 

Tested with a scraper particle sizer, its particle size is less than 1 μm. 

It is easy to use, just directly adding slurry into the formula under high-speed agitation. With nonionic surfactants, it has good compatibility. 

The high dispersibility of HW88 makes it have high blackness, high brightness and excellent coloring power.

It is pure water-based slurry without resin, so technicians won’t worry about adverse effects caused by resin on scratch resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt fog resistance, alcohol resistance and other properties of products. 

It contains no VOC, volatilizes quickly under high temperature baking. 

It has strong adhesion to glassware and other wares.

Its neutral pH value makes it have wide universality for acrylic resin and resin with acid-base requirements. 

It has very low viscosity with 30% carbon black (solid content), so addition of 30-50phr in spray products will not affect spraying effect of nozzle.

Those products with HW 88 has great improvement in sun resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and brightness.

Mirror Water-Based Carbon Black Slurry

Recommended formula:

Special vanish for waterborne glass: 30-60

Diluent: 15-25

Curing agent: 1-2

Heislur HW88: 20-30

Recommended process:

Stir at high speed until it disperses evenly.

After spray, roller or brush, it will cost 20 minutes to cure at 180 ℃.

(Click the picture to play the video: test for friction resistance)

(Glass flask sample making of Heislur HW 88 has highly reflective surface like mirror)

(Right: Heislur hw88 dyed black quartz sand)