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Ultra-white and Ultra-pure Talict

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Ultra-white and Ultra-pure Talict

Product description: Talc is a kind of phyllosilicate minerals, which is often used as industrial filler to reduce costs, improve mechanical properties of materials, enhance rigidity, strength and toughness, reduce shrinkage, increase fluidity, prevent to be stuck as well as improve production efficiency.

It has good shielding effect, reducing gas penetration and grease luster. Its surface is smoothness.

Characteristics of raw material parameters:

☆High purity, high whiteness, super lubricity and softness.

☆Flow aid performance, viscosity resistance.

☆Various types of surface modification products with different particle sizes.

☆High laminar structure improves viscosity and stability, shielding effect improves corrosion protection.

☆Micro laminar structure and high radius-thickness ratio improve impact strength, bending modulus and thermal stability of products.

☆Low-level heavy metal, asbestos free, higher safety performance.

☆Patented product produced by wet stripping process, high slipperiness talc powder.

☆1 Mohs hardness enhances workability.

☆Refractive index 1.54, high transparency.

☆Stable physical and chemical properties, high temperature and fire resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, higher electrical insulation.

☆Bright pearlescent, strong greasy effect.

☆The layered surface is lipophilic and hydrophobic, so it is easily dispersed in various organic solvents and insoluble in water.

Product Specification
Product Name Fineness (Mesh) Whiteness Dispersion Property
Talict 111 600 ≥88% Universal
Talict 112 1800 ≥90% Universal
Talict 113 3000 ≥91% Universal
Surface Modified Product
Talict S112 1800 ≥90% Lipophilic
Talict S113 3000 ≥91% Lipophilic
Talict AQ113 3000 ≥92% Hydrophilic

Content of Silica and Magnesium


Refractive Index




Mohs Hardness




High Temperature Resistance


◆Plastic, rubber

Coating, paint, ink

Electric cable


Ceramics, textiles